Salone del Mobile 2018

Salone del Mobile 2018


17 – 22 april 2018

The history looking to the future.

Following to the graphic evolution that Marco Strina brought recently to the Catalog and the Website, the architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla designed a stand at the Salone del Mobile 2018 rich of interesting contents, very fresh and attractive in the image obtained by the unifying theme of pixelated squares.

In a specific section the new proposals were highlighted, designed by internationally renowned professionals: Rem Koolhaas, Piero Lissoni and Vincent Van Duysen.

Under the creative inspiration of Rem Koolhaas /OMA, an archetypal handle called ABC is conceived coming from the simplicity of the square section. The elementary nature of geometry lends itself to be an optimal support for a series of variations. Further to the different metal finishes, the possibility of a superficial texturization is added as far as to a more radical treatment of the handle perforation in the three dimensions. These options, together with a family of variable universal supports, generate innumerable possibilities of characterization and impact in different living contexts.

Plume conceived and designed by Piero Lissoni, is a simple, slim and essential handle. Natural, as polished by time and use, it is modern but perfectly at home even in a classic setting.

Vincent Van Duysen, has developed the Icona handle, with an essential, neutral aesthetic, a sort of passe-partout with a touch of memory, but contemporary at the same time. Definitely elegant, it is very pleasant in the hand, thanks to the rounded section inside the handle that contrasts with the flat outer part, creating an unexpected effect.

A wide selection of handles, already present in the catalog and shown in all the finishes, was exhibited on another wall allowing to understand the quantity and quality of the proposals available today.
Next to them, in a dedicated area, some of the main designers, collaborating with Olivari over time, have been gathered showing for each one a significant architecture and the handle they designed, sometimes just for that architecture.

Finally, on the sides of the stand, two photographic representations of the Olivari factory were placed showing the electroplating and PVD plants with the operators in charge with their management in the center, meaning that all Olivari products are made in its own productive units and thanks to its valid collaborators.

On the side of the reception, a video looped the images of an intervention that involved the whole Olivari factory in the previous months: the restoration of the chandeliers of the Church of San Francesco al Fopponino, by Gio Ponti. Oxidized and not working for almost forty years, they have been “brought back to light”, allowing the Church to recover the intimate and spiritual atmosphere desired by Gio Ponti.

In the FuoriSalone ambit, guided tours of the Church were organized and offered, conducted by competent and passionate architects.

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