Door latches

The Olivari door latches are simple to use and easy to assemble devices. They are door safety latches used on interior doors. Inside our minimal design latches is concealed an intense design work carried out by the most interesting international designers with whom we have always collaborated. Even the aesthetic simplicity of a latch is the result of a workflow that starts from creativity, passes through the artisan experience, and ends with a high-level production, under the unmistakable sign of a Made in Italy style.


Olivari door latches: safety and simplicity

Emboding the zeitgeist, the Olivari latches represent modern taste, while also adapting to a classic style: square, round, white, black, glossy or satin latches fit perfectly within modern and contemporary environments, as well as in more traditional environments. Our assortment of door lock latches allows you to choose between different shapes and finishes, to find the perfect style match and the right homogeneity with the other mounted handles. The simplicity of assembling Olivari’s door latches, the ease of replacement crown a job well done. The door latches for internal and external doors are subjected to the same precise sequence of work phases as our most exclusive handles and knobs.


Safety and guarantee of Olivari latches

Each production phase provides for constant checks, which allow you to have the guarantee of purchasing high quality and absolutely safe latches, especially in terms of serenity and privacy. If used according to the instructions for assembling, use and maintenance, the Gold, Nickel and Stainless Steel Superfinishes of the door latches offer a 30-year guarantee, while the Anthracite, Bronze and Copper Superfinishes a 10-year one. The galvanic chrome and satin chrome finishes have a 10-year guarantee.