An eccentric anthology — Eccentric is a research project promoted by Olivari focusing on the expression of surface values. With these Notebooks, the company intends to look beyond its own lines of production with the idea of forging an ever-stronger bond between the experiences of design and manufacturing.
Hence the name “eccentric”, meaning located outside of the center.

This notebook was conceived as a logbook in which to record the issues and topics that emerged while reasoning through a project for a new line of production, one that ventures into the uncertain territory of decoration, that of Guilloché handles.

And in this way, it documents the search for the new expressive possibilities of an object as well-defined, clearand familiar as the handles that Olivari has always explored in terms of their formal values in a volumetric sense and that is now preparing to study from another point of view: that of their potential in terms of surface.

Download the notebook, click here .