The European Prize for Architecture 2014

The European Prize for Architecture 2014

The European Prize for Architecture 2014 — We are very proud to have had for so many years, a valuable intellectual contribution from the architect Mendini for the development of our company and to have worked with him to create many beautiful handles. Is a great satisfaction for us to enjoy his esteem and friendship.We are indeed happy to participate at this celebration.

As an architect, philosopher, architectural theorist, visionary, and design practitioner, the influence of Alessandro Mendini in contemporary architecture spans close to half a century. His work ranges from the creation of iconic objects, furnishings, interiors, paintings and installations to architecture and urban planning, and also includes significant theoretical work.

The nomination and the award confirm The European Prize for Architecture’s direction in recognizing those influential architects that have changed and challenged the direction of contemporary architecture today and who have blazoned a more humane and intellectual approach to architecture, acknowledging their pursuits and their achievements before a European and world-wide audience.

“Alessandro Mendini, states Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President of the Chicago Athenaeum, is one of the rare, most iconic architects and architectural minds in the history of art and architecture. His philosophic thinking is more than original. He has pushed concept beyond the perimeters of the inventive, relentlessly searching, in a most non-compromising way, for the most essential design idea. And the results center on the most visionary and far-reaching of our times. In an era where architectural ideas are copied and duplicated worldwide faster than “viral”, Mendini and his works remain singular, prophetic, and original with the unique finger print of nothing less than a genius architect”.

``Alessandro Mendini has represented a sea of change in the culture of the project, from design to architecture``, states the Milan-based design critic and journalist, Claudia Donà. ``He is the Father of Radical Design and Neo-Modern; first with the direction of the magazine Casabella, then by creating Modo magazine and finally with Domus. Alessandro Mendini has caused a real earthquake for cultural change.

He repositioned Italian design in the role of the international avant-garde for the mutations of taste. Through exhibitions, writings, drawings, the direction of magazines, and epic projects, he was able to concentrate around his innovative ideas as the most revolutionary mind of both architecture and design. A personality like Mendini is rare in Italy, in Europe, and perhaps, in the world. His persona is very current, very contemporary, and as extraordinary as is his humanity and the way he relates to others through his work. The European Prize of Architecture awarded to Mendini is with great wisdom, insight, and vision”.