XXIII Compasso d’Oro

XXIII Compasso d’Oro

Officine ex-Ansaldo – Milan

28 may 2014

The 28th of May, the awarding of the XXIII ADI Compasso d’Oro was held in Milan at the former Ansaldo, promoted by ADI Association for Industrial Design, in collaboration with Region of Lombardy, Milan City Counciland FederlegnoArredo under the Integrated Program Design è.

For the category Research for the firm, in the section Research and Innovation Process, Olivari B. spa has been rewarded with the Mention of Honor.

In this occasion we interviewed Ing. Antonio Olivari, Head of Research and Development in the Company.

I imagine that for your company this award is a great satisfaction…
Certainly, we are very satisfied. And the recognition of the quality of the results of a process that began many years ago when we decided to concentrate the production process at all inside of our Company.
The significant investments made over time, have allowed us to complete the production process and select the most updated production technologies in order to point to the better quality of the product from the point of view of the performances. I must also say that, of course, we have chosen the most eco-friendly solutions, according to the most stringent safety standards. I could say, that our products are “Made in Borgomanero”, even before of being “Made in Italy”.

In particular, what are the most significant technologies available in your firm?
I would say that there are two: the Environmentally friend galvanic, which uses trivalent chromium, rather than the hexavalent in a closed water cycle plant, and the PVD, physical vapor deposition, technology.

In both cases, these technologies allow us to obtain products with excellent performances in the various conditions of use, together with the environment in which the manufacturing process takes place. In the meantime, ensuring an armless productive cycle for the workers and the environment. In short, while we respect the environment at the same time we increase the useful life of the product, and this is ecology and sustainability.

These technologies have created advantages or disadvantages in respect of other aspect that characterizes you, the formal research of the design?
It’ a very pertinent question, the question regarding the relationship between technology and design.
I must say in advance, and you can well understand, that an innovative and advanced technology costs more than traditional technology. The answer to your question though is that we found almost only advantages: technology revealed itself as an aid to design.
I must made an example. Sometimes the design of a product requires that you have concavity that make it difficult for traditional chrome. The trivalent chrome plating reduces this problem, having a greater penetrating power than the hexavalent chrome.
Or metallization can replace chrome plating, where standard chrome cannot reach, or it can increase the performances in critical areas. Then with regard to the design, introduced by you, I also like to point out that it contributes the sustainability too, when makes it possible, offer products that have a long life from the point of view of the all users and make them happy purchasing a product lasting for a long time.

Is not a coincidence, to participate to the selection, we decided to present the finishing trough model Total, characterized by an innovative design both formally and technically: the solution that was summing up in itself all the issues that we talked about.

In fact, now you have been rewarded for the technology, and not for the product…
And this makes us even more proud of, because it is the recognition of a research skills and innovation that has always characterized us, because: the quality is emphasized, which is present in all our products.
We’ve got prizes for the products in the past, and we’ll have more in the future.
But the prize for technologies received now, is for us something more.

edited by:
Olivier Cointement
C.E.O. Ballauff sas
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