OLIVARI, able to renew itself

OLIVARI, able to renew itself

San Francesco al Fopponino, Milan

6 november, 2017

Gio Ponti, Architecture, design, handle and Olivari: this is the story of a historical and perfect collaboration staged in Milan in the San Francesco al Fopponino complex.

The Company chose to present the new catalog and the new website, edited by Marco Strina, in a fascinating and evocative place for this special relationship. The event was enriched by a presentation by Enrico Morteo, who relived anecdotes of business life and appreciated the fruitful relationship between Olivari and architects. A meeting that ended with a guided tour of the Church, a small gem of architecture and interior decoration, studied in every detail by Ponti, who wanted to use here the handle Cono, the synthesis of his idea of ​​reduction of the volumes to the essential.

What has been presented is a sort of new Olivari grammar, made of history, present and future. A new grammar whose understanding  contributes the graphics.

The catalog has been structured in three sections, identified by the use of three different kinds of paper. Handmade paper for the introductory part dedicated to the Company history and rich in anecdotes. Glossy paper for the central part where generous use of images and texts helps to capture the details of each handle without forgetting the reference to the designer in giving space to tell about its design. Colored paper for the final part, where the technical aspects are reported.

A journey began more than a hundred years ago and still continuing today, dictated by research, innovation and Made in Italy.

Visit www.olivari.it and request the catalog at info@olivari.it