Peter Marino is a master in the creation of contemporary luxury settings, a talent he has employed in chic interiors and the showrooms of famous high-end fashion brands. The two handle models he designed for Olivari are closely related, but made at different moments.


  • CR - Bright chrome CR - Bright chrome CR - Bright chrome
  • CO - Satin chrome CO - Satin chrome CO - Satin chrome




Door handles - Square


Blade is an almost necessary completion of Edge, designed for situations where it is appropriate to use a simple and rigorous model, and therefore mainly for modern and essential environments.

— Dior Seoul interior, 2015 (ph. Nicolas Borel, courtesy Dior)

Soon after to Edge, Marino designed a simplified version called Blade, made in a single material without sacrificing any of the handle’s initial elegance. — Antonio Olivari

— Louis Vuitton Los Angeles, 2015 (ph. Stephane Muratet, courtesy of Louis Vuitton)
— Hublot New York, 2016 (ph. Adrian Wilson, courtesy Hublot)
— Bulgari London Boutique, 2015 (ph. Massimo Listri, courtesy Bulgari)