BAU 2017

BAU 2017


16-21 January 2017

The BAU of Monaco is completed, and the enthusiasm for the massive response from the public and contacts at the stand Olivari even stronger than the previous editions, is still alive.
A success that goes well beyond expectations for quality, quantity and interest shown in our products.

E' la collezione Guillochè a destare l’interesse generale del pubblico.

A successful year thanks to an unusual combination of rigor and poetry.
If the public was accustomed to rigor and to the geometries, features recognizable in handles as the iconic Lama Gio Ponti and the innovative Total Rodolfo Dordoni, or to the sinuous forms of Marilyn di MAD Architects and Chelsea by Jean Nouvel, the revisiting of products in production as Atena and Diana with Guillochè decoration is amazing. A trip to the rediscovery of a unique decoration, born in the world of haute horlogerie, which allow you to make ‘jewels’ on the door handles.