Snam Building

Milan, Italy

Marcello Nizzoli, 1956

Designed and created for the complex championed by Enrico Mattei and designed by Marcello Nizzoli in 1956, the historic production of the Snam handle, also known as the “Anatomic” handle, is no longer in catalog, but remains as part of the architect’s design journey: the need to modify an object in order to improve its shape and its use.


Marcello Nizzoli – Out of production

— Metanopoli, Stazione di rifornimento gas metano della Snam, Archivio storico Eni
The handle adapts itself to the language of the modern architecture that hosts it. Snam marked the advent of a handle made of lighter materials, but with fluid lines and a functional fit in the hand.

The ENI offices in San Donato Milanese (1955), finally show the full character of prestige and communication, which Enrico Mattei requests for one of the symbolic buildings of the Italian economic boom. Marcello Nizzoli In 1938 starts a lengthy collaboration with Olivetti. He not only designs several buildings, he also designs typewriters that highly innovative in both technology and form: the Lexicon 80 (1948) and the portable Lettera 22 (1950).

— San Donato Milanese, Metanopoli, Primo palazzo degli uffici ENI
— Marcello Nizzoli, Telefono Safnat
— Palazzo Eni, interni