Flush handles

The door handles represent an important finishing element, and an accessory of great elegance and sophistication, which certainly does not go unnoticed. Olivari’s recessed flush handles are in fact priceless details, which highlight the style and character of your home, giving the environment a touch of originality and an elegant atmosphere. Even the recessed door handles, although they are less visible than a traditional handle, must fit in perfectly with the furniture of the environment in which they are inserted, and be easy and practical to use by anyone, and at any ages.



Functional recessed sliding door handles

Our proposals allow you to make an accurate choice based on your own furniture style, with the right compromise between design and functionality. The oval or round recessed flush handles are suitable for classic environments, while the square and rectangular ones are, on the other hand, particularly suitable for modern and contemporary environments. The brass flush handles start from pure geometric shapes, such as the circle and the square, to express a simple and essential language, in a perfect study of proportions, ideal for any environment. The great attention to detail and functionality transforms an accessory that is generally not very evident and mildly considered, into a handle with great taste and aesthetic style. The nylon flush handles, more modern and lighter design than the traditional ones, represent the final goal of a long research for new materials, and the design of innovative solutions.


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