Door stoppers

The door stoppers for floors are accessories of apparent simplicity, which actually prove to be particularly useful and effective in avoiding damaging walls and the interior door handles. Door stoppers are often overlooked accessories, especially when you decide to renovate and decorate a room. Yet, it is an essential and extremely functional item: thanks to the innovative design of the most recent products on the market, it achieves its purpose and becomes an integral part of the style of the house. In addition to effectively carrying out their function of protecting walls, handles, and furniture, the Olivari door stoppers have a refined and high-quality style, the same that we find in the handles and the knobs.



Olivari’s magnetic door stoppers: pure design that does not go unnoticed

The magnetic door stoppers lines produced by the Olivari brand manage to attract the eye even in their traditionally secluded position. The Cubo door stopper model – for example – has a contemporary and strong design. It goes perfectly with the most square-shaped, modern handles and knobs, or with standard and low rosette latches. The Victor model, characterized by softer and more rounded shapes, is part of the same central knobs collection that bear its name, and represents an extremely elegant and refined item, able to adapt to the most modern homes, but also to traditional ones.


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