Among architectural components, doors and windows play a very special role. Both are part of the walls that separate the indoors from the outdoors. At the same time, they give continuity to the faces of the walls. Door and window handles have a fundamental role, too, performing two functions. The first is to guarantee easy opening and closing – this regards our sense of touch.


  • CR - Bright chrome CR - Bright chrome CR - Bright chrome
  • CO - Satin chrome CO - Satin chrome CO - Satin chrome
  • NL - SuperNickel bright NL - SuperNickel bright NL - SuperNickel bright
  • NS - SuperNickel satin NS - SuperNickel satin NS - SuperNickel satin




Door handles - Round


The second is to clearly signal their existence. For over 100 years, Olivari has been producing infinite handles of excellent quality responding to these requirements. All along, they have avoided being overwhelmed by excesses in formal expression. When we conceived the Fin series, we were aware of the Olivari principles and sought to create a new handle worthy of becoming part of its range.

— Imabari Museum of Architecture, Japan 2011 (Ph. Daichi Ano)

To describe the design concept of this handle, we could say it is “delicately angular”, a term that also expresses the intents of our architectural design.

— Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre, Japan 2004

We attempted to lucidly express flexibility (one that reassures the human soul) and originality (one that opens the road to new times). It honours us that Fin has become a member of the wonderful family of Olivari products. — Toyo Ito

— Tama Art University Library (Hachioji campus), Tokyo (J), 2007
— Main Stadium for the World Games, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2009