In their imagining an object functional to the gesture of gripping a lever to trigger an action that transforms the space by opening or closing, Franco Albini and Franca Helg designed a handle with the lightness of a bird’s wing, and the profile of a flower. They travelled a road directed toward the expression of organic shapes. The Agata handle reflects their keen search for a point of equilibrium between one thing and its opposite – between a sensual organic mood and geometric linearity; between solidity and lightness; between a precise graphic mark and the volumetric consistency of the material.


  • CR - Bright chrome CR - Bright chrome CR - Bright chrome
  • CO - Satin chrome CO - Satin chrome CO - Satin chrome
  • ZL - SuperGold bright ZL - SuperGold bright ZL - SuperGold bright




Door handles - Round


All the typical qualities of Albini and Helg’s experimentation with form are recognisable in this small object proportioned to the scale of a hand: making the material lighter; the search for fluid lines; slender geometric shapes; a certain propensity for tapered forms; exactitude; and subtle elegance that is modern and classic at the same time.

— La Rinascente: stairs, Roma 1957

Among ergonomic handles, this is a classic of good Italian design.

— Franco Albini, Tre Pezzi armchair, Poggi 1959
— Franco Albini, “Stanza per un Uomo”, VI Triennale di Milano 1936
— Franco Albini, Margherita, armchair, Vittorio Bonacina 1956
— Franco Albini, Fiorenza armchair, Arflex 1952-1955