Palazzo Montecatini

Milan, Italy

Gio Ponti, 1936

Poster building for Italian modernity, and a monument to the new working class, Palazzo Montecatini – designed by Gio Ponti in 1936 – represents the shift from industrial space to administrative offices.


Gio Ponti – Out of production

In this eloquent Milanese office building, Olivari’s touch is present in the form of the E42 handle, designed by Gio Ponti himself. Conceived as a contract project, it is perhaps the handle that best expresses Olivari’s experimental approach.

Gio Ponti with his Palazzo Montecatini in Milan (1936) brings him closer to Rationalism and introduces many technological innovations in Italy for the first time. In the 1950s, he develops a free, personal style that eschews square corners, searching for highly expressive chromatic and luminous effects, such as the Villa Planchart a Caracas (1954).