Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

HOK, 2008

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, which lies along the coast overlooking the Red Sea, is a prestigious and innovative university pole with scientific laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and instrumentation.


Piero Lissoni

A complex of 27 buildings that the team of designers HOK (a global architecture associacion) conducted with full respect for the environment and sustainable materials has earned him the prestigious LEED Platinum Project (which is awarded for the achievement of maximum sustainability and energy efficiency).

They have been recognized, to be able with this project, to enhance the site and the ecosystem and maximized the benefits of a harsh microclime, mitigating the disadvantages of the movement of the sun.

The buildings are also designed not as a single dependent unit but are placed in a single monumental roof connecting the buildings themselves, adjusting the temperature.

In an environment dominated by sustainability and high tech were used Olivari handles Link designed by Piero Lissoni.