Gallery Daeyang house

Seoul, South Corea

Steven Holl, 2011

In the district of Kangbuk, at the foot of the hills of Seoul, is located the Art Gallery Daeyang and the house adjoining, made by the architects of American Steven Holl. A project that integrates architecture with natural light, water and landscape.


Steven Holl

The complex consists of three spaces (entrance, living room and a space for events) connected by a continuous gallery on the lower level and the multifunctional space on the upper floor, with large windows that open onto a water pool.

The study of materials is careful and refined from bamboo used for the wall of the garden entrance, wood for interior walls, and copper to the external ones.

The fluidity of the spaces is emphasized by the curved walls and vertical thrust system. Respect for nature and the landscape is also expressed in the choice by the designer, use of geothermal wells to heat and cool the environments.

For this interesting and original project have been used Olivari door handles, Beijing designed by Steven Holl.