Cantine Antinori Winery

Chianti, Italy

Marco Casamonti, 2012

Cantine Antinori winery is located in Val di Pesa (Pesa Valley), between Florence and Siena. The designer, Florentine architect Marco Casamonti of Studio Archea, envisioned a complex that, in addition to being integrated into the surrounding landscape, is also an expression worthy of the famous winery.


Rodolfo Dordoni

Not only is it an imposing design project, it is an extremely significant one, thanks to its focus on environmental sustainability, which earned it major international architectural recognition, by winning the US Award 2011.

The uniqueness of its design is also reflected in the choice of Total by Rodolfo Dordoni (2007), a door handle that revolutionized the standard configuration. In fact, the rosette has been replaced by a parallelepiped that functions as the pivot for the door handle.