Oscar Tusquets

Olivari designers

Barcellona, 1941

Tusquets studied at the Barcelona school of architecture and founded the PER studio in 1964 with Lluis Clotet, Cristian Cirici and Pep Bonet. During the 1970s, he strays further and further from the influence of Oriol Bohigas and sidles up to Pop Art and Radical movements.


2001 – Out of production

— Gaulino, sedia, BD Barcelona Design, 1987
Oscar Tusquets

At the same time, his attention shifts to interior design and furnishings, creating many successful products, such as the Gaulino chair in homage to Gaudì and Mollino.
The Tusquets, Diaz & Associados studio opens in 1987, and focuses more and more on classical architecture and the postmodern movement.

— Carmen, Olivari, fuori produzione

He designs the expansion of the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona (1983-89) and the Las Palmas auditorium in Gran Canaria (1989-97).