Quito, Ecuador

Uribe & Schwarzkopf, Wanders & YOO, 2016

The project is inserted in the urban context of Quito in the urban district of Gonzales Suarez in Ecuador; made in 2016, it’s the result of a collaboration between Uribe & Schwarzkopf and Wanders & YOO.


Marcel Wanders

The architectural complex consists of two towers, for a total of 102 apartments of different types; the project includes large public and entertainment areas.

The apartments of this project are executed in three different styles, representing Fire Style, Air Style and Earth Style. The purpose of the project Oh! is to create a community and a sense of belonging in the social context.

The Dolce Vita was chosen for the handles of the complex, designed by the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, with an original and glamorous style.