Studio Niruk

Olivari designers

Colonia, 2011

DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK is located just outside Cologne and was founded in 2011.
Since then, Nina Ruthe and David Antonin have primarily focused on three-dimensional design.
Both designers are graduates of Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Germany.



Bramble Vase Series ©

Their training was shaped by the Bauhaus tradition – a fact that is perceptible in all their projects, ideas and collaborations. The duo is working with all kind of materials in combination with traditional craft and new possibilities in production.

Corcrete ©Thomas Wiuf Schwartz 2902
Their work is driven by curiosity and by a love of experimentation. The value and sustainability of products is a recurrent theme.
DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK creates honest products, full of character and emotion.
Calm KoberPorzellan ©Thomas Wiuf 2695
Play Sidetable ©Thomas Wiuf Schwartz 0550